CppCon: My Proposed Talks (Part 2)

I haven’t had the chance to think all of it through (sounds like comments from the committee, doesn’t it?), but I don’t find anything with which I’d disagree.

Sutter’s Mill

Yesterday I posted three of my proposed talks for CppCon. These are the ones I’ve given publicly before, but they’re not retreads – all are fresh and up to date, with refreshed or new material.

But I’ve also proposed two brand new talks – titles and abstracts are below.

Note: The CppCon program committee will be considering the talk proposals to come up with a balanced program, so it’s possible that not all of these will be in the final program, but I have high hopes for most of these…

CppCon is building well. I don’t know how many talks there will be in the end as this depends on the program committee including in part how long the accepted talks are, but FWIW my talks are submissions #41 and #126-129. There’s some really great stuff in the pipeline on all sorts of topics of interest to C++ developers, not…

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