On Serving As a Peer Reviewer for Journals

This is why I don’t submit: I’ve not had the leisure since I was a graduate student; and I don’t work in a field that encourages it, though many could benefit from our experience if there were a journal with the right target audience (I’m not saying there isn’t — that in itself is a research project). This is the second time today that I’ve been able to boil down something I’ve read into, “If you’re going to do X — be prepared to do a little work.” My first thought on this article was that submitters to such a peer-reviewer should take a lesson from the recycling industry — some material must be broken down into its constituent parts in order to be recycled. Some assembly may be required. If it is fluid, pour it into the correct mould.

Reassigned Time 2.0

My name is Dr. Crazy, and I have never recommended an article for publication.  One time, I suggested that a revise and resubmit was appropriate.  That felt pretty good.  But just the once.

In every other case, in the eight or 9 years that I’ve been serving as a reader for a handful of journals, of greater and lesser prestige and selectivity, I have said that the articles that I have read are not acceptable for publication.

And honestly, that really hurts my feelings.  I fantasize about the day when I get an article that I recommend to accept without changes, or to accept with only minor revisions.  You think (or at least I thought) that when you finally get the chance to serve as a peer reviewer that it will be this exciting experience wherein you discover the next new most awesome ideas in your field, and you get…

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