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Israelis Line Up for Gas Masks as U.S. Ponders Syria Missile Strikes

Originally posted on World:
Middle Eastern conflicts always unfold on multiple levels — think 3-D chess — and for Israel the most relevant level of the crisis in Syria is what it says about the world’s approach not to Syria, but to…

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On Serving As a Peer Reviewer for Journals

Originally posted on Reassigned Time 2.0:
My name is Dr. Crazy, and I have never recommended an article for publication.  One time, I suggested that a revise and resubmit was appropriate.  That felt pretty good.  But just the once. In every…

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How did Ashton Kutcher prepare for his role as Steve Jobs in the new movie Jobs?

What were the actor's sources into accurately playing a good Steve Jobs? Was the biography a major influence? What video research was used the most to understand his mannerism and demeanor? What were the other sources and processes used to … Continue reading

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