Windows 7: USB Transfers Slow?

I was looking for something else entirely when I stumbled across this post on this blog and recalled the absolutely wretched performance I had on my Windows 7 Professional for a memory card that I have that uses a small unpowered USB Adapter. I subscribed to Anura Guruge’s blog because if this is any indication of the tips I could get, I’m on board!

Windows 7 -- by Anura Guruge

If you have noticed that doing any kind of data transfer across USB with Windows 7 is somewhat slow, YOU are not alone.

This is yet another USB related problem in Windows 7.

Yes, we already know that Windows 7 has problems with un-powered USB Hubs … though I think some of these can be fixed by changing the Windows 7 Power Management option for that USB controller.

What I am talking about here is inordinately long times to transfer data, e.g., files or folders, across USB. This is most noticeable when you are trying to copy data to or from an USB key.

I noticed this the very first time I used Windows 7 … way back on October 23, 2009. But, since I was using a new 4G USB key I thought that it must be the key.

But, I kept on noticing this each time I tried…

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