34% of American adults did not see, talk to a physician last year https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/americas-employer-plan-sponsors-have-perfect-storm-increased-dan-ross

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Jewelbots Is A Friendship Bracelet That Teaches Girls How To Code

Looks like they’re extending the uses as we speak!

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Panera Bread manager caught on camera punching female employee

Wow. Just wow.


[ooyala code=”FzankzdjqkuKfrAjsTZ_4u2F_3PqPIJ9″ player_id=”9ae34776f76145da969becdeb205e6a5″]

GRAMERCY PARK, N.Y. —  A graphic video shows the male manager of a New York Panera Bread striking a female employee as she quits her job.  PIX11 reports that both the manager and  employee are now out of a job.

The YouTube user who uploaded the video said the confrontation started when the woman was thrown out of the store. It was her return that sparked the video being filmed.

Panera Bread told PIX that such behavior is not tolerated by the company, leading to the termination of both employees.

There’s no word on any criminal charges.

WARNING: This video may be considered disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion advised. 

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Woman offers reward to catch ‘hit and run cyclist’ who smashed into her on a pavement

Pedestrians have it hard enough in this jurisdiction. We need to criminalise vehicular assault. They treat the victims like criminals.

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The Ten Commandments That Block Creativity

I need to remember to share this with my friend Roger — we’ve been discussing subjects on this theme lately, after having traversed the gamut of productivity improvement measures.

anna brones

Path in Brittany by Anna Brones

My mother sent me a photo of a typewritten piece of paper this week. It’s a list, titled The Ten Commandments That Block Creativity. Actually it’s written in all caps, since whoever wrote it down thought it was very important.

I assumed she sent it as a push towards creative inspiration as I plugged through deadlines. Deadlines which I am procrastinating on right now by writing this. Mothers are good like that.

The list is credited to Stanley Krippner, and I don’t know where he published the original, but I did see it made an appearance in the 1973 book Child Development and Learning.

In his commandments, Krippner was writing specifically on children, and the cultural norms at play that hamper their creativity from an early age. But I think that as adults, particularly in a creative field, we can find truth in these.

The full list of the commandments goes into detail on each…

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Beau Biden, son of VP Joe Biden, dead of brain cancer

This story adds dimension to both father and son:

FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV | News, Weather, Sports

WASHINGTON —  Joseph “Beau” Biden III, an Iraq war veteran who served as the attorney general of Delaware and was a son of Vice President Joe Biden, has died at the age 46, the White House said in a statement Saturday night.

He had battled brain cancer.

Beau Biden had been receiving treatment at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, according to a statement released Tuesday by the vice president’s office. He had suffered known health problems dating back to 2010, when he experienced a stroke that did not affect his motor skills or speech.

In 2013, Beau Biden was treated at a hospital in Houston that specializes in cancer care after he became disoriented and weak while on vacation. He later underwent surgery to have a brain lesion removed.

Throughout those episodes Beau Biden continued serving as Delaware’s attorney general, a position to which he…

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UK weather: Britain braces for 70mph winds and persistent rain – but there’s hope for Easter weekend sun

All we are saying is give peace a chance.

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